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TAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast



Domestic TAFs are aerodrome forecasts provided for specific aerodromes and presented in the Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) code.

They differ from International TAFs in that visibilities above 10km are included, as are cloud groups above 1500 ft.

Winds at 2000 ft AGL and forecast QNH at the aerodrome are added at the end of the TAF.

The QNH forecast is for the maximum and minimum QNH values expected during the validity period of the TAF, or during a specified validity period.

The forecast is provided as a guide to the range of pressure expected during a TAF or specified validity period.

The main purpose is to provide a check on the actual QNH passed to an aircraft to ensure that any errors in transmission do not result in an incorrect altimeter setting.

The QNH forecasts, appended to Domestic TAF, shall not be used for altimeter setting.

A forecast 2,000 ft wind is included to assist in determining the possibility of wind shear between 2,000 ft and the ground level.

Domestic TAFs are for both preflight and inflight use and are available from:

  • MetFlight
  • IFIS


Frequency of issue



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