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Survival Considerations

  • Survival principles after unplanned landing


  • Basic first aid principles and skills


  • Survival kits, contents and use, basic principles of survival relative to the area of operations including;


  • Have items that will facilitate being found; that enhance your visibility compared to the surroundings for example;
    • bright ground sheet/tent fly/clothing
    • condys crystals, food colouring
    • flares
    • mirrors/reflection items
    • torch
    • ability to ignite fuel/oil as smoke producer
    • candle
    • fire axe to break pattern of vegetation for searchers
    • lightweight camp shovel (snow ops)
    • whistle


  • Have the ability to heat and provide warm drink.
  • Use survival kit container as a receptacle.


  • Basic dry freeze type food and means of providing warm food, more from principle of preventing hypothermia than satiating hunger.


  • Carry items that will facilitate use of resources available including parts of the aircraft, ground sheet/tent fly, survival blankets, duct tape, light rope/string etc. to shelter from the elements. Include items to assist in remaining warm or creating warmth.


  • Be aware that, if each survivor retains the will to survive, their chances are greater regardless of the availability of the other principles.
  • This alone will make the most difference. Have available mountain survival guidance material.