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Pressure instruments – static vent (show while climbing out so zone)

When we fly out of balance it upsets the pressure in our static vent


When we fly out of balance to the left our airspeed indicator under-reads, the altimeter under-reads and our vertical speed indicator shows a descent.

When we fly out of balance to the right our airspeed indicator over-reads, the altimeter over-reads and our vertical speed indicator shows a climb.




Entry Prominent Ref Pt (DI), Lookout, Ref Alt



Roll in with aileron (smoothly)

Balance with rudder (same direction)        

Through 30° angle of bank increase power to counteract decrease in air speed

Increase back pressure with elevator


Check Angle of Bank at 45°


Here we are in a steep turn to the left/right. Note where the nose is in relation to the horizon, with this attitude we’ll maintain our altitude.

We have 45º angle of bank giving us a high rate of turn.

The ball is centralised we are in balance.


Use scan technique


Lookout         blindspots


Instruments    45º A/B, in balance, maintaining ref alt


Exit – Anticipate ref pt by 15º



Roll out with aileron (smoothly)

Balance with rudder

Decrease backpressure with elevator

Through 90kts decrease power to 2300rpm








Spiral Dive Caused by overbanking.  Symptoms are a high angle of bank, increasing airspeed, high ROD & ‘g’.


Recovery; Close throttle. level wings, ease out of dive