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Demonstrate a power and flap stall


HASELL checks


Ref point – In front of a/c and out your side window Ref Altitude




Carb heat to hot

Decrease power to 1500rpm, keeping straight with rudder

In white arc, apply 30° flap

Maintain Ref Alt with elevator

Carb heat cold through 60kts


Gently increasing the backpressure to maintain the ref altitude

Keeping straight on the  reference point with rudder




Stall recovery

Check forward

Full power, keep straight with rudder on ref point

Raise nose, climb

Raise flap in stages




Wing drop stall

Now I am going show you a wing drop stall, so one wing will drop, and in the recovery I am just going to check forward centrally. This will show you what a fully developed wing drop stall looks like.


HELL checks

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