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Requirements for Issue and Renewal

An applicant for an Microlight Instructor Certificate must:

  • Be a current RAANZ member
  • Hold an Advanced National Certificate or higher or meet the requirements of this certificate,
  • Comply with Medical Fitness and Fit and Proper requirements,
  • Have completed not less than 150 hours Flight Experience in powered aircraft, which shall include at least 10 hours in Microlight Aircraft and at least 10 hrs cross country in powered aircraft.


If this is an initial issue-

  • The applicant shall first seek a supervising RAANZ ATO and discuss with him the applicant's suitability for the role, identifying any areas that may require further training or experience, and assessing interpersonal and communication skills. This training may be a mixture of flight and briefing work and may be carried out by other instructors as well as the supervising ATO.
  • The applicant shall also seek formal recommendation from their club, supporting their considerations for the role of Instructor and confirming the ATO who will be supervising the process.
  • Instructor training shall include how to give a briefing and demonstrate the flying skills required for each element of the pilot training syllabus. These shall be progressively signed off in the applicant's logbook. Emphasis should also include utilising the correct instructional techniques (eg the phases of 'teaching the skill'). The CAA Flight Instructor Guide should be used for reference throughout and for future training of students
  • Prior to undertaking the flight test for initial issue, shall demonstrate to a RAANZ Authorised Testing Officer their knowledge of all aspects of microlight aviation by completing a Microlight Instructor Oral Examination including the following subjects:
    • principles of flight;
    • VFR operations with particular emphasis on airspace considerations;
    • the preparation and operation of Microlight Aircraft (oral and practical);
    • micro meteorology;
    • Low Inertia performance characteristics;
    • the RAANZ certificate structure and use of the appropriate administration forms and manual;
    • Where candidates have most of their Flight Experience in Part 61 Aircraft special consideration shall be placed on "Low Inertia" performance characteristics;
    • Candidates will be assessed on their interpersonal skills and ability to pass information to a student;
  • Evidence of this examination will be recorded in the pilots logbook
  • The applicant shall then demonstrate to a RAANZ Authorised Testing Officer their ability to give Instruction on Microlight Aircraft and demonstrate their ability to fly a Microlight Aircraft (within the Groups for which they have ratings) by completing a Microlight Instructor Flight Test as follows:
    • The flight test will be performed in a suitable two place machine.
    • The flight test should cover all of the elements of the Pilot Flight Test as well as reviewing instructional technique using one of the lesson plans from the Instructor Guide.
    • Instructors training in 3 axis aircraft should use an aircraft that is approved to perform wing drop stalls and this exercise should be part of the flight test.
  • The application for a Microlight Flight Instructor Certificate shall be made using the Instructor Application Form (including the club recommendation, the nominated supervising ATO, and evidence of satisfactory completion of the oral examination and flight test), along with the signed off CMV form.


If this is a renewal of an existing Instructor rating the ATO should check that the candidate has completed a RAANZ approved Instructional Techniques Seminar within the first 2 years of holding this rating.


The Microlight Instructor Examination and Flight Test is expected to be carried out by the ATO responsible for the candidate and associated club. 

If for any reason this is not possible or practical, the out of area rules must be followed by the assessing ATO.


Instructor Course

The minimum course of approved training comprises of not less than:

  • 20 hours ground training; and
  • 10 hours flight training.