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Privileges and Limitations

The holder of a Microlight Instructors Certificate may exercise the privileges of an Advanced National Pilot and;

  • Give flight and ground Instruction in Microlight Aircraft.
  • Authorise solo flight but not a pilot's first solo flight.
  • Issue type ratings for type the instructor is type rated on.
  • May receive payment for their time instructing on the ground.  NOTE: it must be clear that the student is following a structured course of learning towards a pilot certificate and the operation is an accepted part of the local clubs operations. This is NOT a mechanism for commercial operations or joy rides or adventure aviation in any form, under the guise of trial flights or instruction.
  • The holder shall not exercise the privileges of their Certificate unless within the immediately preceding 90 days they have carried out at least three take-offs and landings in a Microlight Aircraft
  • The Instructor Certificate will be valid for the maximum of One Year.
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