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A notifiable accident is one where a person is killed or seriously injured or the microlight suffers serious damage or structural failure that adversely affects its structural strength, performance, or flight characteristics and requires major repair or component replacement. If a microlight is overdue on a flight an accident is deemed to have occurred.

The pilot in command, or, if he is incapacitated, the operator of the microlight shal notify the Civil Aviation Authority by the quickest means possible (0508 ACCIDENT, or 0508 222 433), and, if damage to a third party person or property occurs, the police must also be informed. Air Traffic Service Units are available to assist in the reporting of accidents.The CAA websitehas electronic means of reporting accidents, occurences and defects.

Notification should include the following:

  • Microlight Type and Registration.
  • Name of owner, operator and pilot and any passenger.
  • Date and time of accident.
  • Point of departure, intended landing point and last known position.
  • Any injuries or death and/or damage including third parties.
  • Details of the accident.
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