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Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS)

AFIS provides information useful to pilots for the safe and efficient conduct of their flights. 

It differs from ATC service in that pilots being provided with AFIS are responsible for assessing a situation based on information passed to them by the FSS and advising their intentions. 

Other pilots in the vicinity hearing this exchange of RTF messages make their own decisions and, in turn, make known their intentions. 

AFIS is provided by a Flight Service Station (FSS) at selected non-controlled aerodromes.  Paraparaumu and Milford Sound.

Operations at Aerodromes with Air Traffic Service

A pilot-in-command of an aircraft on or in the vicinity of an aerodrome with an AFIS in operation must:

–         If the aircraft is equipped with radio, maintain two-way radio communications with that service on the prescribed frequency; and

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