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Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

The New Zealand Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is a set of documents that provide all the operational information required for safe national and international air navigation within New Zealand airspace.

The information provided in the New Zealand AIP consists of four volumes, sectioned into the following three areas:

  • General (GEN), contains administrative and explanatory information
  • Enroute (ENR), contains information about airspace and its use
  • Aerodromes (AD), contains information about aerodromes and their use

The New Zealand AIP is published in four loose-leaf volumes:

  • Volume 1 [Planning] contains all of the General, Enroute and Aerodrome parts including details of International Aerodromes.
  • Volumes 2 & 3 [Instrument Flight Rules] are issued as a set and contain the information from the General and Enroute parts that is relevant to IFR operations. They contain details of all New Zealand aerodromes and heliports for which instrument procedures are published. Subscribers to these volumes also receive the Enroute and Area charts.
  • Volume 4 [Visual Flight Rules] contains the information from the General and Enroute parts that is relevant to VFR operations. Aerodrome charts which contain information about aerodromes and their use.
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