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Pilot Requirements

Each person acting as the pilot of a microlight aircraft shall:

  • hold an appropriate current microlight pilot certificate with an appropriate type rating; or
  • hold a current pilot licence issued under Part 61 with an appropriate type rating; or
  • operate under the direct supervision of the holder of a microlight pilot instructor certificate.

Each pilot shall comply with the privileges and limitations of the licence or certificate, and any applicable ratings.

Medical Guidelines

The validity of a medical certificate is

  • 4 years for pilots up to the age of 40 years and
  • 2 years for pilots over the age of 40 years, unless otherwise specified.


Recency Requirements;

Day Flight:

A person must not act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft  carrying a passenger during the day, unless:

within the immediately preceding 90 days,—

  • the person has carried out not less than 3 take-offs and 3 landings during the day; or
  • the person has satisfactorily demonstrated to an appropriately qualified flight instructor competence in takeoff and landing manoeuvres during the day in an aircraft of the same type;
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