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VFR Met Minima

Flight Visibility and Distance from Clouds

A pilot-in-command must not operate an aircraft under VFR:

  • when the flight visibility is less than that prescribed below; or 
  • at a distance from clouds that is less than that prescribed below.



At and above 10,000ft AMSL

  • Distance from cloud - 2km horizontally, 1000ft vertically
  • Visibility - 8km


Below 10,000ft AMSL  

  • Distance from cloud - 1000ft vertically, 2km horizontally
  • Visibility - 5km



At or below 3000ft AMSL or 1000ft above the terrain, whichever is the higher

  • Clear of cloud and in sight of the surface


Inside a Control Zone  

  • Distance from cloud - 500ft vertically, 2km horizontally
  • Visibility - 5km


Flight Visibility and Cloud Ceiling

A pilot-in-command must not perform a take-off or landing in an aircraft, or fly in the vicinity of an aerodrome, under VFR when the flight visibility, or the cloud ceiling, is less than:

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