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Visual Signals

Aerodrome Control to Aircraft

Visual signals used by aerodrome control to aircraft when radio communications are not available are included below.

Aircraft to Aerodrome Control

When the pilot of a no-radio equipped aircraft wishes to acknowledge a message from the tower, they should do so in the following manner:

  • in flight - rocking the wings.
  • on the ground - moving the ailerons or rudder

Aerodrome Ground Signals

Parachute Landing Area

When displayed at a Parachute Landing Area (PLA), 

a red and white cone with the point of the cone pointing into wind indicates that the dropping area is active.

Agricultural Operations

When displayed at an unattended aerodrome (other than an aerodrome intednded to be used solely for agricultural operations) or 

an aerodrome where an AFIS is in operation, 

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