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  • Every Class 2 Microlight that is modified in any manner that may affect the airworthiness of the aircraft shall not be flown until the modification has been assessed and accepted by the RAANZ Technical Officer.


Class 2 Modification Procedure

The procedure for acceptance of any modification for aircraft not requiring conformity to a published acceptable standard is as follows:

  • All relevant data, including photographs where possible, should be submitted to RAANZ with a request that the modification be accepted and enclosing the appropriate fee.
  • RAANZ will assess the modification for compliance with CAR part 103.209, if necessary utilising qualified outside help, the cost of which will be chargeable to the aircraft owner.
  • The Microlight will be inspected by the Technical Officer or Inspection Authority Holder for the re-validation of the flight permit.
  • The Inspection Authority Holder or RAANZ may require a test flight program of any specified duration before the re-validation of the flight permit.
  • Where a flight test program is specified, a Special Flight Permit validation will be issued for the duration of that program by RAANZ.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the Flight Test Program, the aircraft will be re-inspected by the Technical Officer or Inspection Authority Holder with particular reference to the modification.
  • The Technical Officer or Inspection Authority Holder after satisfactorily completing the aircraft inspection will re-validate the flight permit and record the modification on the Inspection form.
  • The modification may be referred to the Technical Committee by the Technical Officer if he considers this course of action appropriate (perhaps because of complexity)
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