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In straight and level flight...

A-lift equals drag and thrust equals weight
B-weight equals drag and thrust equals lift
C-lift is greater than weight and thrust is greater than drag
D-lift equals weight and thrust equals drag



An aircraft can be stalled...

A-only at low airspeeds
B-only in a steep climb
C-only by making a steep turn
D-at any airspeed where the angle of attack relative to the airflow becomes critical
E-when the gross weight is exceeded



To recover from a stall the FIRST thing that must be done is to...

A-lower the nose to decrease the angle of attack
B-increase power to gain airspeed
C-level the wings using 'top rudder'
D-level the wings with aileron
E-close the throttle



Which control surface is used to control the aircraft in the pitch axis ?




If excessive vibration occurs in flight you should...

A-Land and examine the drive belt
B-Increase/decrease power and see if it changes
 C-Slow down
D-Reduce power, land and check the engine, propeller and airframe
E-Assess if engine or airframe problem and if a precautionary landing is needed



You should always check for water in the fuel...

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