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The Preferred Method of Communicating on the Radio.

Keep radio calls concise and use standard phraseology.

Avoid verbose accounts of your intentions at unattended aerodromes.

Why Should Standard Phraseology be Used?

If standard phrases are adhered to when composing a message, any possible ambiguity will be reduced to a minimum. 

Concise and unambiguous phraseology used at the correct time is vital to the safe and expeditious operation of air traffic.

Omission of Words

The following words may be omitted from transmissions provided that no confusion or ambiguity will result: 

  • "SURFACE" in relation to surface wind direction and speed · 
  • "DEGREES" in relation to radar headings · 
  • "VISIBILITY", "CLOUD", and "HEIGHT" in MET reports · 
  • "HECTOPASCALS" when giving pressure settings.

The Use of the Word Immediately

The word "IMMEDIATELY" should only be used when immediate action is required for safety reasons.

Pronunciation of Numbers

Transmission of time 

When transmitting time, each digit should be pronounced separately. 

Only the minutes of the hour are normally required. 

However, the hour should be included if there is any possibility of confusion. 

Standard Words and Phrases

Read Back Requirements

A pilot is required to acknowledge receipt of the following ATC clearances, information or instructions, which are transmitted by voice, by a full read back followed by the aircraft call sign:

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