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The cloud formation process.

Cloud can be described as suspended water in liquid or solid form in the air.

The cloud formation process involves the condensing of water vapour into either its solid or liquid form.

This occurs when the temperature of the air reaches its dew point and the air becomes saturated and cannot take on any more water vapour.

Condensation forms on the hydroscopic nuclei. (small particles present in air).

The approximate altitude limits (in New Zealand latitudes) of:

(a) high cloud;

17,000 feet and higher.

(b) middle cloud;

Between 7,000 feet and 17,000 feet.

(c) low cloud.

Below 7,000 feet.

The meaning of the following cloud terms:

(a) cumulus or cumulo (prefix);

means an accumulation, a heap, a pile.

(b) stratus or strato (prefix);

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