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Weather Forecast

A weather forecast predicts the coming weather.

Weather Report

A weather report shows the current weather.

Aviation Weather Briefings

Specific aviation Met briefings are available from MetFlight GA and IFIS (Internet Flight Information Service).

MetFlight GA is the best source of pre-flight Met information.

The MetService's MetFlight GA website provides aviation Met for non-commercial use and is intended primarily for general aviation and flight training organisations.

The information available and the functions provided include:

  • a situation statement (textual)
  • satellite pictures
  • weather radar
  • analysis and prognosis charts
  • cloud and rain forecasts
  • GRAFOR's
  • AAW's
  • TAF's
  • METAR's
  • SIGMET's and more.

IFIS is provided by Airways NZ.  This is the online location for obtaining NOTAM's, current ATIS reports for attended aerodromes and filing flight plans. Weather information such as METAR, TAF and AAW is also available.

You will need a login and password.

Other useful weather sources can include automatic weather stations and reports from other pilots.

GRAFOR - Graphical Aviation Forecast 

A GRAFOR is an area forecast in a graphical layout which replaces the textual ARFOR (Area Forecast), and aims to deliver information about flight conditions at low levels, SFC - FL100 (10,000ft), mainly intended for planning and VFR flying in New Zealand.

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