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Flight Planning

Route Selection

The Factors to be Considered when Selecting a VFR Cross-Country Navigation Route 

  • Shortest distance
  • Fuel stops
  • Alternates


The Factors to be Considered when Selecting Altitudes at which to Fly in the Cruise

  • Terrain
  • Airspace
  • Weather
  • Magnetic Track Table


Chart Preparation

Mark the following on a map: 

  • Departure aerodrome, turning points, and destination aerodrome;
  • Tracks;


Flight Plans

Procedures for the Submission of a Flight Plan

  • All flight plans should be submitted to the National Briefing Office (NBO) located in Christchurch, using IFIS, telephone or fax.
  • A flight plan submitted by fax is not accepted by ATS until acceptance is confirmed by return fax.


Nominating a VFR Flight Plan SARTIME

  • The time (in hours and minutes) entered in the SARTIME field of the VFR flight plan is the time that search and rescue action will commence if the flight plan is not terminated. When determining SARTIME, pilots should allow sufficient time, if required, to get to a telephone or Internet terminal to terminate the flight plan.
  • Amending an ETA does not constitute a change of SARTIME. A specific request must be made to “AMEND SARTIME”, and any amendment must always be made before the existing SARTIME expires.
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