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4.78 Aerodromes Lighting

4.78.4 Describe the following lighting systems:

(a) Runway edge lighting (REDL)

NZ CAA - Aerodrome Lighting

  • Is normally white for the usable portion of the runway.




5.3 Aerodrome lighting 

Runway edge lights

5.3.1 Runway edge lights should be fixed omni-directional lights showing variable white and having a minimum output of 25 candela for fixed lighting, or 15 candela for portable lighting.

5.3.2 The lights should be two parallel rows equidistant from the runway centre line uniformly spaced in rows at intervals of not more than 100 m. The lights on opposite sides of the runway axis should be on lines at right angles to that axis and not more than 3 m outside the runway edge.

5.3.3 At intersections of runways, lights may be spaced irregularly or omitted, provided that adequate guidance remains available to the pilot.

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