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PPL » Air Law (A) & (H) » Air Traffic Services - Communications

4.60 Communications

4.60.2 Derive from operational publications, the required radio frequency for communicating with specified ATC units.


4.60.4 State the requirements for making position reports to an ATS unit. CAR 91 & AIP ENR

91.309 Position reports

Each pilot-in-command of an aircraft on a VFR flight shall, when operating in controlled airspace, report the position of the aircraft to ATC at the times or reporting points required by ATC.


ENR 1.1 - 10


6.1 Position Reporting at AFIS Aerodromes 

6.1.1 Pilots of all aircraft operating outside controlled airspace below 3000 ft AGL within a radius of 10 NM of an AFIS attended aerodrome are required to maintain a continuous listening watch on the frequency listed in the COM box on the aerodrome chart and make the inbound, in circuit, taking off, and in transit calls listed below.

(a) Inbound:

(i) overhead the navigation aid serving the aerodrome, or commencing instrument approach, or when established on a DME arc; and

(ii) when established on final approach; and

(iii) at the termination of the instrument procedure, i.e. when breaking off from the procedure to proceed in VMC to the aerodrome; and

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