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4.26 Equipment

4.26.2 State the equipment requirements for a night VFR flight. CAR 91

91.511 Night VFR instruments and equipment

(a) A powered aircraft with an airworthiness certificate operated under VFR by night must be equipped in accordance with rule 91.509 and have—

(1) except as provided in paragraph (b), a means of indicating rate of turn and slip; and

(2) position lights; and

(3) an anti-collision light system; and

(4) illumination for each required instrument or indicator.

(b) An aircraft equipped with a third attitude instrument indicator that is usable through 360° of pitch and roll does not need to be equipped with a means of indicating rate of turn.

4.26.4 State the equipment requirements for flight over water. CAR 91

91.525 Flights over water

(a) An aircraft that is operated on a flight over water must be equipped with 1 life preserver for each person on board and stowed in a position that is readily accessible from the seat or berth occupied by the person if—

(1) the aircraft is a single-engine aircraft and the flight distance to shore is more than gliding distance for the aircraft; or

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