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PPL » Aircraft Tech Knowledge (H) » Electrical System - DC

14.26 Electrical System - DC

14.26.2 Describe the types of systems which are typically electrically operated in a light aircraft.

14.26.4 Explain the function of the following components in a typical light aircraft electrical system:

(a) battery;

(b) alternator and generator;

(c) bus bar;

(d) voltage regulator, voltmeter, or over voltage light;

(e) ammeter;

(f) master switch and battery/alternator switches;

(g) fuses and circuit breakers.

14.26.6 Explain the precautions to take during normal operation of the electrical system, including:

(a) avoiding continuous operation of high-power systems on the ground before start;

(b) starting with radios and other unnecessary equipment switched off;

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