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PPL » Aircraft Tech Knowledge (H) » Pressure Instruments

14.36 Pressure Instruments

14.36.2 Identify the three basic instruments which rely on air pressure for their operation.

14.36.4 Describe static pressure and dynamic pressure, and the main factors which affect them.

14.36.6 Explain the operation of a pitot-static system, including:

(a) static vent(s);

(b) pitot tube;

(c) combined pitot-static head;

(d) drain holes, heating, and pitot cover;

(e) alternate pressure source.

14.36.8 With respect to the airspeed indicator, describe the:

(a) basic principle of operation and serviceability checks;

(b) colour coding, and the meaning of VSO, VS1, VFE, VNO and VNE;

(c) IAS/TAS/groundspeed relationship;

(d) errors affecting the ASI, and how position error correction is applied.

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