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PPL » Aircraft Tech Knowledge (A) » Carburation

12.12 Carburation

12.12.2 Explain the principle of carburation.


12.12.4 Explain the basic principle of operation of a simple float-type carburettor.


12.12.6 State the function and/or purpose of the following within the carburettor:

(a) atomisation and diffusion;

(b) idling circuit;

(c) acceleration enrichment;

(d) enrichment at high power settings;

(e) mixture control;

(f) idle cut-off.


12.12.8 Explain the function of a manual mixture control and idle cut-off.


12.12.10 Explain the correct operational use of a manual mixture control and idle cut-off.


12.12.12 Explain the consequences of operating with:

(a) over-rich mixture settings;

(b) over-lean mixture settings.


12.12.14 Describe the abnormal combustion conditions of detonation and pre-ignition, and distinguish between them.

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