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12.16 Fuel

12.16.2 State the common types of fuels and their colour identification.

Grade                Performance No. Colour   Specific Gravity (Density)

AVGAS 100LL   100/130                 Blue         0.72 Low Lead

AVGAS 100       100/130                 Green      0.72 High Lead

AVGAS 115       115/145                 Green      0.72 High Lead


AVTUR (Aviation turbine fuel)

• JET A1. This is a kerosene type fuel with a nominal SG of 0.8 at 15°C. It has a flash point of 38°C and a waxing point of -47°C.

Turbine fuels are not dyed for identification, they retain their natural colour which can range between a straw yellow to completely colourless.


12.16.4 Distinguish between the different characteristics of AVGAS, MOGAS and AVTUR (Jet A1).

AVGAS, MOGAS, and AVTUR (Jet A1) are all types of aviation fuels, but they have different characteristics.

AVGAS (aviation gasoline) is a high-octane fuel that is used in piston-engine aircraft.

It has a lower flash point than other aviation fuels, which means it ignites at a lower temperature.

AVGAS also has a higher lead content than other aviation fuels, which can cause lead deposits to build up in the engine over time.

MOGAS (motor gasoline) is a low-octane fuel that is used in small piston-engine aircraft.

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