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PPL » Aircraft Tech Knowledge (A) » Lubrication Systems - Engines

12.32 Lubrication Systems - Engines

12.32.2 State the functions of an engine lubrication system.


12.32.4 Explain the term viscosity.

12.32.6 Explain the effect of temperature on the lubricating qualities of oil.

12.32.8 Briefly describe the function of the following components of an oil system:

(a) wet sump;

(b) dry sump, scavenge pump, tank;

(c) engine-driven pump, pressure relief valve;

(d) oil lines, passages and galleries;

(e) oil cooler, bypass valves and filters;

(f) oil pressure and temperature gauges.


12.32.10 Explain the importance of:

(a) using the correct type and grade of oil for a particular aircraft;

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