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PPL » Flight Radio » Loss of Comms - ATS Equipment Failure

Loss of Communications - ATS Equipment Failure 

2.18.2 State the occasions when TIBA (traffic information broadcasts by aircraft) might be introduced.

  • Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft –TIBA. 
  • Full details about TIBA are given in AIPNZ Volume 4 ENR, Section 1.8. 
  • TIBA will be introduced if a disruption to ATC occurs and pilots will then need to provide their own separation. 
  • If the disruption is expected then information regarding its broadcast and times will be in the NOTAM.


2.18.4 Detail the TIBA procedures with respect to:

(a) VHF frequencies to be used;

Pilots are to follow frequency instructions issued by ATS.

If not instructed by ATS and there is a complete ATS communication failure, refer to the

TIBA Frequency Map

— North Island (Figure ENR 1.15-1) and

TIBA Frequency Map

— South Island (Figure ENR 1.15-2).



The purpose of these maps is to allow:

  • The distribution of relevant traffic to relevant frequencies;
  • A higher probability of contacting a ground based unit for assistance;
  • Quick ascertainment by the pilot of the level of autonomy required.
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