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2.10 Practices and Rules

2.10.2 Demonstrate proficiency in transmitting and receiving spoken messages competently and in accordance with prescribed procedures, including

(a) language to be used;

Aviation has its own spoken language (phraseology) that is required to be learnt and in the English language which is to be used at all times. This is for simplicity and clarity.  

Polite terminology such as 'please' and 'thank you' should be avoided.


(b) word spelling;

The Phonetic Alphabet

When transmitting individual letters, the following standard words should be used.  

The syllables that should be stressed are printed in capital letters.  

Some letters are easily mistaken for each other such as M and N therefore a standard phonetic alphabet is used.



(c) transmission of numerals;



All numbers are spoken as individual digits except for altitude, cloud height, visibility and runway visual ranges (RVR).  

Whole hundreds and thousands and combinations of hundreds and thousands can be spoken as HUN dred or TOU SAND.



(d) procedure words and phrases;

The standard words and phrases listed below have been designed to provide clear and unambiguous transmissions.  

These should be used whenever possible.  

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