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10.54 Culture

10.54.2 Identify the elements in a safety culture. 

In an aviation environment, a safety culture is a culture in which safety is given the highest priority and is integrated into all aspects of the organisation's operations.

Some of the key elements of a safety culture in an aviation environment include:

(a) Safety management system (SMS):

An SMS is a formal system that is used to manage safety in an aviation environment.

It includes policies, procedures, and processes for identifying, assessing, and managing safety risks.


(b) Reporting and analysis:

A safety culture in aviation emphasises reporting and analysis of safety incidents, hazards, and near-misses.

This includes encouraging employees to report safety concerns without fear of retaliation, analysing safety data to identify trends and patterns, and taking corrective action as needed.


(c) Training and education:

A safety culture in aviation includes providing employees with the training and education needed to perform their jobs safely.

This includes training on safety policies and procedures, as well as training on specific safety hazards and risks.

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