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10.62 Documents and Procedures

10.62.2 Explain the rationale behind consistent and thorough checklist use as opposed to reliance on memory. 

Using checklists ensures that important steps or items are not overlooked, reduces the risk of errors, and provides a consistent and thorough approach to tasks.

Relying on memory can lead to mistakes or omissions.


10.62.4 Distinguish between normal and emergency checklists. 

Normal checklists and emergency checklists are two types of checklists used in aviation to ensure that all critical tasks and procedures are completed correctly and in the correct sequence.

The main differences between these two types of checklists are the situations in which they are used and the types of procedures they cover.


Normal checklists:

  • used during routine operations, such as
    • pre-flight checks,
    • takeoff,
    • climb,
    • cruise,
    • descent, and
    • landing.
  • cover all the standard procedures that are required for safe and efficient flight operations, such as
    • engine start,
    • takeoff configuration,
    • landing configuration, and
    • other procedures.
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