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10.62 Documents and Procedures

10.62.2 Explain the rationale behind consistent and thorough checklist use as opposed to reliance on memory. 

Pilots need to be familiar with the checks associated with their aircraft. 

Memory alone should not be relied upon when completing checks. 

A detailed and accurate checklist should be used to ensure no checks are missed.

10.62.4 Distinguish between normal and emergency checklists. 

Normal checklists are for day to day operations such as start-up and shut downs.

Emergency checklists are for emergency situations where specific actions are required such as warning lights, electrical failures and engine failures.

10.62.6 Identify the phases of flight where a checklist plays an important role. 

The process of conducting a checklist occurs during all flight segments and, in particular prior to the critical segments (takeoff, approach, and landing).

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