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10.48 Judgement and Decision Making

10.48.2 Describe hazardous attitudes. and

10.48.4 Describe methods of countering hazardous attitudes. 

In aviation, hazardous attitudes refer to certain mindset tendencies that can be detrimental to flight safety.

These attitudes can affect a pilot's decision-making and behaviour.


Here are some common hazardous attitudes in aviation:


1. Anti-Authority: 

This attitude involves a resistance to following rules and regulations, or authority figures, often due to a belief that rules and regulations are unnecessary or restrictive.

Pilots with this mindset may disregard instructions from air traffic control or overlook important safety procedures.


Respect and Understand Authority: 

Recognise that authority figures, such as instructors, supervisors, or air traffic controllers, have valuable knowledge and experience.

Understand that their instructions and guidance are crucial for maintaining safety in aviation.


2. Impulsivity: 

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