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10.48 Judgement and Decision Making

10.48.2 Describe hazardous attitudes. 

10.48.4 Describe methods of countering hazardous attitudes. 

Attitudes - preconceived ideas or beliefs that influence a person's actions.

Hazardous Attitudes


  • Breaking the rules deliberately in defiance of authority. "Rules are for fools!" "Don't tell me!"
  • "Follow the rules, they are there for a reason."


  • Trying to prove yourself. "I can do it, watch me!"
  • "Taking chances is stupid."


  • Deferring to somebody else's way. "OK, if you say so."
  • "I'll do what I think is right."


  • Giving up or thinking that you can't change something. "What's the use!"
  • "I'm not useless, I can make a difference."


  • Doing something quickly without thinking first. "Quick, do something!"
  • "Slow down, think before taking action."


  • Having a "mind set" focused on achieving the goal at all costs. "I must make it."
  • "Better to be late than dead on time."


  • Thinking you are invincible. "It won't ever happen to me."
  • "it can happen to me"


10.48.6 Describe the error/poor judgement chain. 

Poor Judgement Chain

Most accidents are the result of a number of causes combining with catastrophic consequences. Often up to seven causes can be involved including the aircraft, the environment, the pilot and operational factors.

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