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PPL » Human Factors » Judgement and Decision Making

10.48 Judgement and Decision Making

10.48.2 Describe hazardous attitudes. 

Attitudes are a person's general outlook or disposition towards a particular thing, idea, or situation.

It can be influenced by a variety of factors, including personal beliefs, values, experiences, and emotions.

Attitude can have a significant impact on behavior and decision-making, and can be both positive and negative.

In aviation, attitudes are an important factor in promoting safety and reducing risk.


Hazardous attitudes are ways of thinking that can lead to dangerous or risky behavior in pilots.


There are Six hazardous attitudes:


1. Macho: 

It refers to a tendency to take risks or engage in reckless behavior in order to prove oneself or demonstrate skill.

This can lead to pilots taking unnecessary risks or making poor decisions, such as flying into hazardous weather conditions or attempting maneuvers beyond their skill level.


2. Resignation: 

It refers to a tendency to give up or accept a negative outcome without taking appropriate action.

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