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PPL » Human Factors » Sleep and Fatigue

10.40 Sleep and Fatigue (Alertness Management)

10.40.2 Explain how individuals differ in their requirement for sleep. 

10.40.4 Explain the effects of the following alertness management techniques: 

(a) napping 

(b) caffeine consumption 

(c) taking sedatives 

(d) taking stimulants other than caffeine. 

10.40.6 Describe sleep disorders and their effects on pilot performance. 

10.40.8 Define fatigue. 


Fatigue - is caused by a build-up of stress.

All the things that cause stress, such as noise and vibration, high temperatures or a lack of oxygen, domestic of work-related problems, can lead to fatigue.

10.40.10 Explain the causes of fatigue and its effect on pilot performance. 

10.40.12 Describe the symptoms of fatigue. 

The symptoms of fatigue are similar to those of excessive stress.

  • Lack of awareness
    • radio calls that go unanswered or checklists that go unchecked
  • Diminished motor skills
    • sloppy flying, writing that trails off into nothing
  • Obvious tiredness
    • difficulty in focusing
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