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10.66 Survival

10.66.2 State the components of a pre-flight passenger briefing by a pilot with respect to aircraft safety features and equipment. 

Passenger briefing 

A person operating an aircraft carrying passengers must ensure that each passenger has been briefed on- 

  • the conditions under which smoking is permitted; and 
  • the applicable requirements for the occupation of seats and wearing of restraints ; and 
  • the location and means for opening the passenger entry doors and emergency exits; and  
  • the location of survival and emergency equipment for passenger use; and 
  • the use of flotation equipment if required for a flight over water; and 
  • the normal and emergency use of oxygen equipment installed in the aircraft for passenger use; and 
  • procedures in the case of an emergency landing; and 
  • the use of portable electronic devices.


10.66.4 Explain the basic steps in post-crash survivor management. 

Post Crash Survival

  • Assess the accident site for hazards e.g. fire, smoke, fuel 
  • Attend to passengers & crew 
  • Ensure locator beacons are operating. 
  • Remain with the A/C, unless it is unsafe to do so 
  • Attempt to call for help by phone. It is unwise to turn on A/C electrics due to the risk of fire.
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