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8.22 Clouds

8.22.2 Describe the cloud formation process.


8.22.4 Describe the operational characteristics of the cloud sensor used in Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), and reported in METAR AUTO reports.


8.22.6 State the approximate altitude limits (in New Zealand latitudes) of:

(a) high cloud;

(b) middle cloud;

(c) low cloud.


8.22.8 Describe the meaning of the following cloud terms:

(a) cumulus or cumulo (prefix);

(b) stratus or strato (prefix);

(c) alto (prefix);

(d) nimbo (prefix) or nimbus (suffix);

(e) cirrus or cirro (prefix).


8.22.10 Describe the following lifting mechanisms found in the atmosphere:

(a) orographic;

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