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8.12 Wind

8.12.2 Define the measurement of the standard surface wind in aviation meteorological reports and forecasts.


8.12.4 State the units used to describe wind speed.


8.12.6 State the units used to describe wind direction with reference to:

(a) forecasts and observations issued by MetService;

(b) spot winds relayed to pilots by Air Traffic Control.


8.12.8 List the three forces acting to generate wind at low-levels.


8.12.10 Outline the cause of Coriolis force.


8.12.12 List the three properties of Coriolis force.


8.12.14 Define the ‘geostrophic wind’.


8.12.16 Explain how friction affects the surface wind velocity.


8.12.18 Explain what is meant by the ‘friction layer’.


8.12.20 Describe the elements that influence the depth of the ‘friction layer’.

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