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6.4 Direction on the Earth

6.4.2 Describe the 360º method of indicating direction.

The 360º Method of Indicating Direction

Direction is defined as the course, track or line along which an object (eg an aircraft) moves, or which must be taken by the object, to reach a destination, without reference to distance.

For precise navigation purposes, we use a circle and divide it into 360 degrees with True North at the top of the circle.

This can be referred to as 000° or 360°.

We then number each degree starting at True North going clockwise until we are back at True north again.

Each degree we pass is expressed as a three-figure group, e.g, 045° (northeast), 180° (south), 345° (northwest) and so on.

6.4.4 Describe the earth's magnetic field.

The Earth's Magnetic Field

The earth acts as a huge magnet, and its lines of magnetic force are sufficiently strong to influence the direction of a freely suspended magnetic needle. 

The poles of the magnet earth are known as the north magnetic pole and the south magnetic pole. 

At the present time, the north magnetic pole is in the general area of Hudson's Bay in Canada, and the south magnetic pole is near South Victoria land in Antarctica. 

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