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6.18 Twilight

6.18.2 Define:

(a) sunrise;

(b) sunset;

(c) daylight;

(d) twilight;

(e) morning civil twilight (MCT);

(f) evening civil twilight (ECT).

6.18.4 Describe the factors that affect the times of sunrise and sunset (daylight). 

6.18.6 Describe the factors that affect the duration of twilight. 

6.18.8 Describe the factors that affect daylight conditions. 

6.18.10 Derive or calculate the MCT and ECT at a given location (UTC, NZST and NZDT)


Daylight Zones and Tables

  • New Zealand has been divided into eight Daylight Zones for the purpose of simplifying the planning of VFR flights within the country.
  • The accompanying maps of New Zealand (Figure GEN 2.7-1 and Figure GEN 2.7-2) show the boundaries of each zone and Table GEN 2.7-1 gives the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the beginning and end of daylight of each of those zones.
  • The morning times will be the same as or later than the official beginning of morning civil twilight (the beginning of daylight) times for any particular aerodrome within a zone. The evening times will be the same as or earlier than the official end of evening civil twilight (the end of daylight) times.
  • New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) is 12 hours ahead of UTC.
  • New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT) is 13 hours ahead of UTC.
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