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64.14 Turbine Engine Exhaust Section

64.14.2 State the function of the exhaust section.

The exhaust section of an aircraft turbine engine serves several functions:


1. Expelling exhaust gases:

The primary function of the exhaust section is to expel the exhaust gases from the engine after they have passed through the turbine.

The exhaust gases contain a significant amount of energy, and expelling them from the engine helps to maintain a steady flow of fresh air into the engine and prevent back pressure that can reduce engine efficiency.


2. Noise reduction:

The exhaust section is also designed to reduce the noise generated by the engine during operation.

This is typically achieved through the use of acoustic liners and other noise-reducing features that help to absorb and dissipate the sound waves generated by the engine.


3. Thrust production:

In some aircraft engines, the exhaust section is designed to produce additional thrust by accelerating the exhaust gases as they exit the engine.

This is typically achieved through the use of a converging-diverging nozzle that helps to increase the velocity of the exhaust gases and produce additional thrust.

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