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64.18 Turbine Engine Fuel Systems

64.18.2 Compare and differentiate between AVGAS and turbine engine fuel (including Biojet) and describe methods of reducing the likelihood of fuelling with the wrong type.

AVGAS and turbine engine fuel (Jet-A) are two different types of fuel used in aviation.

AVGAS is used in piston engine aircraft, while Jet-A is used in turbine engine aircraft.


There are a few key differences between the two types of fuel:


1. Composition:

AVGAS is a high-octane, leaded fuel, while Jet-A is a kerosene-based fuel that is free of lead.


2. Flash point:

Jet-A has a higher flash point than AVGAS, which means that it is less likely to ignite.


3. Density:

Jet-A is denser than AVGAS, which means that it provides more energy per gallon.

Biojet fuel is a type of Jet-A fuel that is made from renewable sources such as plant oils and animal fats.


To reduce the likelihood of fuelling with the wrong type of fuel, there are several methods that can be employed:


1. Color coding:

In the United States, AVGAS is typically dyed blue, while Jet-A is dyed clear or straw-colored.

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