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Basic Gas Turbine Rating » Basic Turbine Knowledge » Turbine Engine Starting; Ignition; Relight; and Shutdown

64.22 Turbine Engine Starting; Ignition; Relight; and Shutdown

64.22.2 Describe the general precautions and safety checks prior to starting and ground running a turbine engine.

64.22.4 Describe general procedures for starting and shutting down a turbine engine.

64.22.6 Describe the positive cockpit indications of light-up during start.

64.22.8 Describe what is meant by self-sustaining rpm and how this is achieved.

64.22.10 Describe why it is important to accelerate an engine up to sustaining rpm as quickly and uniformly as possible.

64.22.12 Describe the causes, indications, effects and remedial actions for the following start defects—

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