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64.12 Turbine Engine Turbine Section

64.12.2 State the purpose and operation of the turbine section.

The turbine section in an aircraft turbine engine is responsible for extracting energy from the hot, high-pressure gases produced by the combustion process in the combustor.

The turbine section consists of a series of turbine stages, each of which includes a row of stationary turbine vanes and a row of rotating turbine blades.

As the hot gases from the combustor flow through the turbine section, they pass over the turbine blades, causing them to rotate.

The rotation of the turbine blades is used to drive the compressor and other components of the engine, such as the generator or hydraulic pump.

The turbine section is designed to operate at extremely high temperatures and pressures, and is typically cooled by a flow of cooler air from the compressor.

The turbine blades are also designed with special coatings and materials to withstand the high temperatures and stresses of operation.

Overall, the turbine section plays a critical role in the operation of the aircraft turbine engine, and is responsible for converting the energy of the hot, high-pressure gases into mechanical energy that can be used to power the aircraft.

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