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Aircraft are generally equipped with at least one communications radio set operating in the Very High Frequency (VHF) range.

These radio sets are both a transmitter and a receiver and are called a Transceiver.

The items associated with the main transceiver in the cockpit are:

  • Microphone used to transmit messages;
  • Speaker/headset for listening to received messages;
  • Master switch(electrical) to give power supply to the radio;        

Microphone Techniques (PTT - Push To Talk)

  • The microphone should be positioned directly in front of, and close to your mouth.
  • To transmit your message, hold down the microphone transmit button fully on the control, pause and then speak. 
  • Finish the message, pause, then release the transmit button. 
  • Do not depress the transmit switch until ready to speak. 
  • Speak at a normal and slightly slower conversation level. 
  • It is not possible to receive messages while you are transmitting.
  • While you are transmitting on a given frequency, no one else can transmit on that frequency.
  • Make sure the button is released when finished transmitting.
  • Think about what to say before you press the transmit button.
  • Pausing between pressing the microphone button and speaking gives the radio time to stabilise the transmission.
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