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The FIRST step in planning a cross-country flight is to...

A-fuel the aircraft
B-take off and fly in the general direction of your destination
C-plan the proposed route on the appropriate map
D-do no specific planning because of the low speed of a microlight
E-lodge a flight plan


Prior to departing on your cross-country you should...

A-tell someone of your destination
B-tell someone of your intended route
C-tell someone of your estimated time of arrival
D-all of the above
E-lodge a flight plan


When planning a cross-country flight you must check for controlled airspace in...

A-the Visual Flight Guide
B-an AA road map
C-CAR. Part 103
D-current aeronautical charts
E-the IFIS website


You have filed a flight plan but in flight find you will arrive after your SARTIME. You should...

A-ring the NBO on arrival and apologise for the delay
B-notify Christchurch of a new SARTIME on the radio if possible or NBO by mobile if not
C-notify the delay on 119.1
D-notify the destination airfield by radio or mobile of the delay
E-do nothing if you will arrive within 30 minutes of your SARTIME


A tailwind will have what effect on your airspeed and groundspeed ?

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