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36.14 Competency, Currency and Recency


36.14.2 State the recent experience requirements of a pilot-in-command on an air operation, who is the holder of an airline transport pilot licence. CAR 61

61.37 Recent flight experience

(a) Airline transport pilot: A person who holds an airline transport pilot licence must not act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft on an air operation that requires the pilot-in-command to hold an airline transport pilot licence unless, within the 90 days immediately preceding the flight

  • (1) the person has—
    • (i) carried out (as pilot-in-command of an aircraft or an approved synthetic flight trainer of the same type) not less than 3 take-offs and 3 landings; or
    • (ii) satisfactorily demonstrated to an appropriately authorised flight examiner continued competency in an aircraft of the same type; or
    • (iii) satisfactorily demonstrated to an appropriately qualified flight instructor competence in take-off and landing manoeuvres during the day in an aircraft of the same type; but
  • (2) one of the landings may be a monitored landing using the automatic landing facility of the autopilot.



36.14.4 State the requirements for the completion of a biennial flight review. CAR 61

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