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52.24 Instruments and Avionics

52.24.2 State the minimum instrument requirements for an IFR flight. CAR 91

(A) A powered aircraft with an airworthiness certificate, except a powered glider, must be equipped with a means of—

(1) indicating airspeed; and

(2) indicating Mach number, if the speed limitation specified in the aircraft flight manual is expressed in terms of Mach number; and

(3) indicating altitude in feet; and

(4) indicating magnetic heading; and

(5) indicating fuel tank contents, other than auxiliary fuel tank contents; and

(6) indicating engine revolutions of each engine; and

(7) indicating oil pressure of each engine using a pressure lubricating system; and

(8) indicating coolant temperature of each liquid-cooled engine; and

(9) indicating oil temperature of each engine rated at over 250 brake horsepower using a pressure lubricating system; and

(10) indicating manifold pressure of each supercharged or turbocharged piston engine, and each piston engine fitted with a constant speed propeller; and

(11) indicating cylinder head temperature of each air-cooled piston engine rated at over 250 brake horsepower; and

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