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Task: Forced landing with power


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Recognises the conditions under which a precautionary landing is advisable.

(b) Maintains control of the aircraft during all phases of the simulated emergency.

(c) Adopts the recommended aircraft configuration and procedure, considering altitude, wind, terrain, obstructions and other relevant factors.

(d) Selects a suitable landing area for a forced landing with power.

(e) Initiates the missed approach at the minimum safe height (or higher as directed by the flight examiner or instructor).


The examiner/instructor will; 

(a) Simulate an emergency that would require a precautionary landing (failing light, low and decreasing oil pressure, fuel or weather).

(b) Nominate the simulated cloud base, visibility and daylight remaining (as applicable).

(c) Place emphasis on the candidate’s control of the aircraft and execution of the recommended procedure and determine that the objectives are met.

(d) Place emphasis on the candidate’s termination of the emergency procedure not below minimum safe height.