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ATPL » Air Law – Helicopter » Carriage of Dangerous Goods

37.36 Carriage of Dangerous Goods

37.36.2 Describe the limitation of CAR Part 92 with respect to members of the Police.

92.11 Exceptions

(a) A member of the Police may carry dangerous goods in an aircraft in the course of that person’s duties without complying with this Part if the aircraft is performing an operation solely for Police purposes.


37.36.4 State the restriction for the carriage of dangerous goods in a helicopter’s cabin occupied by passengers, or in the cockpit of a helicopter. CAR 92

92.157 Aircraft loading restrictions

(a) Except as provided in paragraph (b), an operator shall not carry dangerous goods in an aircraft cabin occupied by passengers or on the flight deck of an aircraft.

(b) An operator may—

  • (1) permit a passenger or crew member to carry dangerous goods in checked or carry on baggage or on their person if permitted to do so under the Technical Instructions; and
  • (2) permit carriage of radioactive material in an aircraft cabin occupied by passengers or on the flight deck of an aircraft if permitted to do so as an excepted package under the Technical Instructions; and
  • (3) if performing a domestic operation, carry the following dangerous goods in the cargo compartment of a passenger cabin, where the aircraft is not equipped with a class B cargo compartment:
    • (i) Class 1, Division 1.4 Compatibility Group S explosives:
    • (ii) Class 2, Division 2.2, non-flammable, non-toxic gas:
    • (iii) Class 3, flammable liquids, Packing Group III:
    • (iv) Class 4, Division 4.1, flammable solids, Packing Group III:
    • (v) Class 5, Division 5.1, oxidising substances, Packing Group III:
    • (vi) Class 6, Division 6.1, poisonous substances, Packing Group III:
    • (vii) Class 7, radioactive materials loaded in compliance with the minimum separation distances:
    • (viii) Class 8, Packing Group III substances:
    • (ix) Class 9, miscellaneous goods.
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