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2.12 Phraseology and Procedures

2.12.2 Demonstrate proficiency in standard radiotelephony phraseologies and procedures for:

(a) all VFR operations in controlled and uncontrolled airspace;

(b) taxi, take-off, approach and landing at controlled aerodromes, Flight Service aerodromes, aerodromes served by UNICOM, and uncontrolled aerodromes; and

(c) read-back instructions.

A pilot is required to acknowledge receipt of the ATC clearances or instructions by a full read back followed by the aircraft call sign. 

Items of a message that require a read-back are: 

  • ATC route, approach and departure clearances including any amendment thereof;
  • clearances to VFR flights to operate within controlled airspace, including entering or vacating the circuit;
  • clearances and instructions (including conditional clearances) to operate on the manoeuvring area at a controlled aerodrome including:
    • clearances and instructions to land on or take-off from any runway;
    • clearances and instructions to enter, cross, taxi on, or backtrack on any runway;
    • instructions to remain on or hold clear of any runway;
    • taxi instructions including a taxi route and holding position where specified.
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