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Volcanic Hazard Zone (VHZ)

  • A pilot must not operate an aircraft within a volcanic hazard zone:


–         during the night; or


–         in IMC; or


–         in VMC during the day unless the pilot determines that, after considering all of the following, the volcanic hazard will not affect the safety of the flight:


•          relevant meteorological information contained in NOTAM

•          SIGMET information


·         Volcanic Hazard Zones (VHZ) have special conditions that must be complied with before entry and operation within the airspace. There is no administering authority for entry to volcanic hazard zones


Volcanic Hazard Zones are depicted on charts with the designation, V (3 digit number)

Mandatory Broadcast Zones (MBZ)

  • MBZ's are established to provide increased protection to aircraft in areas of uncontrolled airspace where high density or special operations may occur
  • A pilot is required to broadcast aircraft callsign, position, altitude and intention's on a specified frequency on entry, when joining an aerodrome traffic circuit, prior to entering a runway, and at regular specified intervals
  • maintain a listening watch

·         A pilot-in-command of an aircraft without an operable radio may operate within a mandatory broadcast zone for the purpose of enabling repairs to be made to that radio, but only if-

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