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Task: Normal take-off


To determine that the candidate; 

(a) Ensures the correct runway is being used and the approach path is clear (critical element).

(b) Completes line up checks in accordance with the aircraft’s checklist.

(c) Ensures the take-off path is clear and checking engine instruments and airspeed rising.

(d) Tracks the runway centre line during take-off.

(e) Establishes pitch attitude for recommended climb.

(f) Trims the aircraft for the recommended climb attitude.

(g) Completes after take-off checks in accordance with the aircraft’s flight manual or checklist.


The examiner/instructor will; 

(a) Observe the candidate’s demonstration of a normal take-off and determine that the candidate’s performance meets the objective.

(b) Place emphasis on the candidate’s demonstration of correct airspeed, pitch and heading control.

(c) Make allowance for airspeed fluctuations due to gusts and turbulence (but not excessively so).